GR/MA Veteran Association


                          EMBROIDERED MOS PATCHES

Thank you all who have ordered patches, for your support.

are available exclusively through this site.

Proceeds will go to the support of GR and MA veterans and families. 


The Symbolism of the 92M and the 57F Patch


The patch is Pentagon shaped to represent the 5 branches of military service.

The border is black in honor our Fallen military brothers and sisters.

The background is green, representing the grass, under which their fallen bodies lay.

The words Dignity, Reverence, Respect are for the way we treat our fallen brethren.

The large 57F and 92M is for our military MOS.

The golden color on the lettering represents our reward for reuniting our fallen with their families. 

The globe is for all of the places we have been or will go to bring our fallen home.

The triangle folded flag represents their ultimate sacrifice for all of us.


These are not military approved patches.

They are available thru the GR/MA Reunion Assoc. 

Any proceeds made from purchases will go to the group’s support fund.



 To order by USPS, print Form and pay by check,   





To order online, "Click" on "ADD TO CART" buttons below patch images