GR/MA Veteran Association



At the 2006 Reunion in San Antonio, Tx., it was voted on and passed that we should establish an "Association"

with yearly dues.  This would help cover miscellaneous expenses in planning future reunions.  That way we should not have unexpected expenses at reunion time, as the treasury should have sufficient funds to cover mailing and etc.  Annual dues were set at $25.00.   

Membership Information

If you have not paid your dues, please make your

($25) dues check to:   


Mail to: 

James Branch Jr., 523 Petty St., Petersburg,

Virginia  23805,

with the following information

    or use PayPal for your dues




  Please enter the date you submitted this application___________. 


                (please print)

 I, (full name)_________________________________________________________ wish to join (renew) the Graves Registration/Mortuary Affairs Association.  I understand this association is established strictly to cover funding for any miscellaneous expenses regarding our yearly reunions.




Highest rank held and branch of service__________________________________.




City:____________________________State:___________ Zip code:__________


Unit assigned:__________________________________


Dates served (conflict, war, or era)_______________________________________


Email Address:_______________________________________________________


Phone No:___(_________)________-_____________________________________


Misc. info ( family, working or retired, etc)_________________________________