GR/MA Veteran Association


    Graves Registration/ Mortuary Affairs  Support

 The Graves Registration/ Mortuary Affairs Service is the toughest job the military has to offer. It is also probably the most rewarding and can also be the most depressing.   We can all be proud of the job we did and are doing today.  We Graves Registration Vets Have experienced and seen things no one would want to do.  GR/MA vets from all eras have a common mission, “Never leave a fallen comrade behind".


Our mission is to be willing to listen, give support and guidance to our younger military "brothers and sisters".  We want them to know they are not alone and many of us have felt the same emotions.  We are a shoulder to use to lean on as we understand what they are going through.  Sometimes just talking to someone, who has been through your same experience, is helpful.  Their feelings and experiences are shared by all of us and we do not judge.  We are there whenever another vet may need us for support.  "Dignity, Reverence and Respect” is still the way we treat our fellow vets, fallen or not. 


Should the need arise there is

 VETERANS CRISIS LINE1-800-273-8255 (Press 1)

Confidential chat at or  text to  838255